Kenya is basically an agricultural country. In the absence of a strong industrial sector, agricultural production activities constitute the main support base of the country’s increasing population. The population relies mainly on agricultural output, and water resource that comes from 20% of the country’s high rainfall zone. The remaining 80% is arid and semi-arid land of marginal agricultural productivity. In spite of the fragility of marginal lands, they serve as important biodiversity reservoirs, wildlife habitats, anthropogenic sites and landscape of great attraction.

Currently there are calls to develop industries, and remove the country from over dependency on agriculture. As the country gears for industrialization by the year 2020 it is necessary to proceed with caution so that the benefits of industrial development do not become a curse to the nation. The need to foster food production from the country’s arable lands and the inevitability of the use of agricultural inputs, such as fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals is posing new problems to the environment. If these problems are not given due attention, they are bound to adversely affect the quality of the environment and lower the people’s standards of living. An increasing population, growing industrial sector and agricultural production are major threats to the environment. These require sound management.

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates must in addition satisfy the minimum requirements for the university offer at least grade B in Biology or Biological Sciences, B- in Geography, B- in Chemistry or B in Physical Sciences, and C+ in Mathematics at K.C.S.E. or equivalent Examination.
  • An added advantage will be given to candidates who have passed with at least grade C in Agriculture or Economics at K.C.S.E. or equivalent examination.
  • Admission may be granted to outstanding Diplomats in Range Management, Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, Forestry, Wildlife, Environmental Science from institutions such as Kenya Polytechnic, Kenya Science Teachers College etc. candidates with other related fields from recognized institutions, and who have passed with distinction or credit or other equivalent may also be admitted.





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