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Dr Mercy W. Njagi


Distance education is any teaching and learning process in which all or most of the teaching is conducted by someone separated by space and/or time from the learner, with the effect that all or most of the communication between teachers and learners is through media, either electronic or printed technologies. The rationale for distance education has been to open opportunity for learners to study regardless of geographic, socio-economic or other constraints. The openness of distance education is seen in relatively flexible organizational structures, delivery and communication patterns, and use of various technologies in support of learning. ODEL allows learners and facilitators to respond and adapt better to the emerging technology and changing landscape of education in the 21st century. ODEL is therefore committed to meeting the changing needs of our society by developing learning opportunities that increase learners’ access, support, success, and provides quality instruction.


To be a leader in the provision of quality education to diverse community by utilizing flexible modes and modern learning technology for national development


To increase accessibility to affordable and relevant higher education by the society through flexible instructional modes of delivery and modern learning technologies.


To establish, develop, implement, organize, manage and oversee all Open, Distance and e-Learning programmes in Chuka University.

Student Responsibilities

1. To ascertain possession of appropriate skills, competency levels, course prerequisites and equipment required for ODEL learning.

2. To assume responsibility for contacting assigned facilitator.

3. To complete all assignments according to the course schedule.

4. To observe the relevant university guidelines, rules and regulations.

5. To avail oneself for orientation and end-of-semester examinations promptly.

6. To familiarize with support services offered by the university including the library services.

Academic Standards

1. All courses offered will be consistent with the level, nature and mission of the institution.

2. When a course is delivered through ODEL programme, it will carry the same course code and title and credit factor as other CU programmes.

3. Each student enrolled in ODEL course shall have access to all the academic support services and instructional equipment. Support services may include but not limited to academic advising, counseling, library services and tutoring services. Students are advised with respect to course selection and academic progress.

4. Students will receive credit only for those courses for which they are officially registered for which they pay the necessary tuition at the time of registration, and for which they earn required minimum passing grades.

Programmes to be offered:

  1. Bachelor of agribusiness management
  2. Bachelor of commerce
  3. Bachelor of science (community development)
  4. Bachelor of education (ECDE)
  5. Bachelor of arts (criminology & security studies)
  6. Bachelor of science agricultural economics

*Directorate of open distance and e-learning Brochure*

*Online Application to Distance Learning Courses***

University Newsletter


For Inquiries contact us on:

020 232 9073 (Registrar Academic)

020 202 1721 (DVC - ARSA)

0715 50 58 58

0731 62 02 66


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